About EnviroStatic Products and Services

EnviroStatic was created by husband and wife team Darren and Maggie Scoley. Earlier in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK, Maggie found the electrostatic sprayer product.

With a background in construction and Health & Safety, Maggie saw a gap in the market to service local businesses, schools, surgeries, nurseries, shops, restaurants, gyms, homes – anywhere that needs disinfecting and keeping safe from bacteria and viruses!

The service goes so much deeper than a regular clean and with services staying germ free for up to 28 days, you can be confident that anyone coming into contact with your space will not spread or contract any viruses – including coronaviruses.

Health & Safety is Always First

Our specialist disinfectant teams are trained and led by an IOSH qualified and experienced Manager who will carry out a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) to cover specialist decontamination and disinfection.

Certificate of Disinfection Cleaning

Peace of mind for your customers and employees

When your premises have been cleaned by EnviroStatic, you will receive a Certificate of Disinfection Cleaning from us. Displaying this will inform your customers that they are in a Covid-Safe environment and give your employees reassurance that they are working in a safe zone.

Introducing our Electrostatic Sprayers

  • Our electrostatic sprayers and solution have been specifically designed and tested to work and deliver the results, so that you know it actually works.
  • A positive-charged solution sprayed through our double positive electrostatic sprayer delivers outstanding results and bespoke to our sprayers.
  • Our sprayers apply 65% less solution in comparison to a conventional sprayer.
  • The solution is applied over 300x quicker than a conventional sprayer.
  • The solution is electrostatically wrapped around objects to provide a 360 degree coating.