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Spray clean and disinfection of your premises using 100% environmentally friendly solution which removes bio-film from surfaces.  We then spray persistent disinfectant to persistently kill bacteria, fungi and viruses including coronaviruses for up to 28 days*

Price: £140 (excludes VAT).

For areas up to 1,000 sqft. Product conforms to BS EN 14476.

Larger Areas & Contract Services

Please contact us for prices for larger areas or for discounts on contract services.

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Morning slots are between 8am and 12noon, afternoon slots are between 1pm and 6pm. Cleaning will take approximately 30 minutes.

Once you start using these environmentally friendly products, which work with Mother Nature, it is important not to introduce other chemicals onto any surfaces as this may will affect the effectiveness of the disinfectant. The area should be cleaned prior to disinfecting to remove any grease. It is recommended that facilities are re-sprayed every 7-14 days depending on footfall. *Tested in laboratory conditions with no traffic.